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Backpacks for Kids

This winter we wanted to help kids in our community. When I was a kid, we’d lived in government assisted housing in these apartments off Annandale Road, in Falls Church. I used to wake up in the middle of the night and go into the kitchen and roaches would scatter. I never felt that we were poor, or that I didn’t have everything I needed. I just thought, it was normal.

But I remember back then, Scholastic books always had Book Fairs and one time, there was this one book that came with colored pens that I wanted so badly. My mom would never let me order stuff because it was too expensive. But after much begging that time, she actually gave me the $9 to get the book. I went back to school the next day, and I was so happy, except, I couldn’t get the book because at 7 years old, I didn’t realize it was $9 plus tax. I didn’t have enough money, and the kid behind me bought it. It was the saddest day.

So back to present day. We had ambitious goals. I was having nightmares about toothbrushes because I was afraid we wouldn’t have enough. But with all of your generous contributions, we raised $1,395 in cash donations plus an estimated $1,746 in contributions (Our Amazon wishlist helped us add up everything). We put together 50 backpacks filled with toiletry items for kids in need and their families at Summit Hall Elementary. We also bought Christmas gifts for 8 kids - art sets, toys, clothes and toiletries (We spent 5 hours at Target & Springfield Town Center last Sunday. Note: I won’t be having 8 kids). The toiletry backpacks will be distributed on an at-need basis, and the Christmas gifts will be handed out next week at their holiday party.

On Christmas Day, we’ll be giving out socks, trashbags, and winter wear to those without a home on the streets of our city.

Thank you everyone again, for another successful venture. We wouldn’t be able to do this without you.

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