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A Note of Thanks

I hope you've been well, and I apologize for how long this thank you note has taken to come around.

We wanted to thank you, much, for all of your support this season. Whether it was through a direct donation, wearing our apparel, showing up at one of our many fundraising events, or simply extending a kind word of encouragement. It all meant a lot. Whenever people ask, "how did you guys get here?" We say, well, we were fortunate, are fortunate enough to have some incredibly generous friends in our lives. Incredibly generous not only in terms of money, but in terms of time, in terms of kind words. That's a fact. We wouldn't be here without them because no way in hell would we have been able to do this all ourselves. So, really, thank you, if we haven't said it enough.

This season, we gave out 60 full-sized toiletry packages to families, adopted 39 kids for Christmas, provided 50 crewneck sweatshirts to students who have to spend the year learning in trailers while their school is under renovation, and 50 toiletry packages and spaghetti meals to our city's homeless.

Next month, students will go to a basketball game where they'll get to watch the players warm up courtside (well not John Wall, or Kelly Oubre - but I guess it'll be all right). This summer, students will get to attend Yoga sessions at summer camp, and 1 student will win a scholarship to Beat Refinery - where they'll learn how to DJ.

In addition, we gave an 8th grade class, class t-shirts, as well as providing other support to teachers and staff.

So, thank you! That's a wrap this season.

Stay warm out there. It's so cold tonight. And we lose an hour this weekend! So spend your time wisely because we know, it's not something you can make more of.

Much love,

Everyone at Me & You

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