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simply having a wonderful time

Me&You had a successful 2021 winter fundraising campaign. We started going back to pop-ups, holding events, and it has been an uplifting ride. Finally seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones that support our cause has brought immense joy and happiness to the team and we cannot wait for what this new year brings.

After all was said and done, we raised $33,600. We are on cloud nine. Everyone and everything exceeded our expectations, and we honestly can't express how appreciative we are of the Me&You community. With the donations (monetary and physical), we were able to provide all of these items to our schools:

  • 120 holiday adoptions

  • 60 toiletry packages

  • 10 winter camping kits

  • 165 grocery store gift cards

  • laptops and other technology to enhance in-person and virtual learning

  • winter coats, clothes, gloves and hats

If you're reading this and donated, we would love to give you the biggest virtual hug and smile we can give. The donations were well received by the students and we had a few messages from our school contacts that warmed our hearts.

Again, we thank you so so much for spreading a little love.


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